FAA -- Kaiser medical -- Vocational Rehabilitation -- Independent Neuropsychological Evaluations

Adults from age 17 and Seniors

Dr. James Bryan is a clinical neuropsychologist who identifies the effects of injury and illness on the brain.  He diagnoses neurobehavioral conditions and makes recommendations for appropriate care and treatment. Dr. Bryan consults with Kaiser physicians, attorneys, and agencies. For over 31 years, Dr. Bryan's practice has worked with complex conditions having long-term consequences.

Dr. Bryan follows science-based, ethical and professional procedures according to guidelines of the National Academy of Neuropsychology and the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Bryan holds board-certification with the American Board of Professional Psychology.  Dr. Bryan is licensed in Oregon and other states, and conducts traveling out of state evaluations under the PsyPact Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate

REFERRALS: Dr. Bryan accepts referrals from FAA applicants, agencies, attorneys, and Kaiser medical providers. Dr. Bryan does not accept private self-referrals. Please contact one of the other sources if you would like an appointment.

PAYMENT & INSURANCE: FAA evaluations are on a self-pay basis. Agency and IME evaluations are billed through the referring source. Forensic evaluations are typically billed through the referring attorney.

KAISER IS THE ONLY INSURANCE ACCEPTED, for medical referrals through Kaiser. This typically requires pre-authorization. Please see the Billing page

LOCATION: 1/3 mile north of NE 20th Avenue and NE Sandy Blvd. Please see the Locations page for directions.

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CONTACT: Dr. Bryan via this website to request a referral or to ask about more information. 

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